I had been feeling fairly run down and unmotivated to do anything. I had just moved to Europe courtesy of the US Army on my husband’s orders, so I figured it was stress that was making me feel so tired. That, and I hadn’t been exercising regularly. I felt better after exercise, but I couldn’t make myself get into a habit. I started calling myself lazy. I know enough about thyroid disease that all of my symptoms fit - dry skin, weight gain, fatigue - but I figured that they weren’t severe enough to warrant disease! Lo and behold, my TSH came back slightly elevated. Still within the clinic’s “normal” range, but not functionally normal. The doctor said we would retest in 6 months. I pushed back and requested an expanded thyroid panel. TSH, free T3 and antibodies against thyroid peroxidase and thyroglobulin were tested as well. (still not a “full” thyroid panel, but it was something.) My thyroid peroxidase antibodies were elevated. Not extremely, but enough. It was enough to get a physical thyroid exam (which was enlarged) and a referral to a specialist. It was Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. In the meantime, I am thinking about how much I do not want to go on drugs! Dr. Schuler’s immediate advice and recommendations including supplements and dietary changes were such a relief! Within 2 weeks I was feeling way more energetic, less bloated, and more motivated in all aspects of my life from my job to exercising. He also suggested a much more probable diagnosis for patches of red, dry skin I had developed over the past year on my feet and legs. Since following his advice, the patches have started to heal. I can’t recommend Dr. Schuler enough. In a world of thyroid misinformation and doctors who are well meaning but haven’t changed their treatment protocol for the thyroid in 30+ years, having someone understand that you must treat the immune system in an autoimmune disease, not just the organ the disease is targeting, is a blessing. Thank you Corey!

    Jennifer Mitchel DC, Vilseck, Germany

We generally find health-seekers in Dr. Mitchel's situation taking a myriad of supplements, many of which are "designed to support thyroid function." Usually the first thing we do is discontinue these supplements and begin to unravel reasons that the thyroid may be malfunctioning.