Hormone Harmony

Dr. Corey Schuler has literally changed my life. I came to see him after months of feeling under the weather with different health issues that would arise out of nowhere. After being analyzed by several doctors and most just shrugging their shoulders and saying that they had no idea what was wrong, I was fed up with most medical doctors. Dr. Schuler was a last ditch effort with the thought being if this doesn’t work, then my husband and I would find a way to live with my not feeling well. From the first few minutes of meeting with Dr. Schuler both my husband and I could tell that this was not like any other doctor’s appointment we had attended. Dr. Schuler listened to what I had to say as a patient and how I was feeling…most importantly, he believed me when I said, “I just don’t feel good”. After running a few medical tests, we had any answer as to why I was not feeling well and a treatment plan. Not only did Dr. Schuler help give me my life back, but he treated both my husband and myself like we mattered and that we were not just another no name patient.

My treatment plan did not stop once I felt human again – Dr. Schuler evaluated my health and when I started with PCOS and endometriosis symptoms, instead of just prescribing pain medicine to treat the surface level, he was able to find a supplement that worked with my body’s chemistry and helped to eliminate the pain I was in. No other doctor had been able to do that! In addition, Dr. Schuler did not give up on us once my symptoms were under control, he has continued to monitor my improvement and make adjustments where necessary. My husband and I are now looking to start a family – something we had given up on due to my health. In addition, we 110% trust Dr. Schuler….not something you can easily state in this day and age. We are incredibly grateful for everything Dr Schuler’s clinic has done for me and for our family. If it was not for them, I would still be struggling with health issues and not being able to enjoy my life with the ones I love. Because of Dr. Schuler, I have something to look forward to! A life without pain!

Amanda Abbinanti, Everett, WA

If you feel like you are losing control of your hormones and all you want is some predictability to your health, contact us now to see if metabolic treatment is right for you. 

You may have changes in mood, weight, or energy and this may be the cause or effect of hormones. Adding in hormones from outside of the body is not always the right answer.

We know what it is like to see your family doctor who sends you to the OB/GYN who in turn sends you to the endocrinologist who sends you to the psychiatrist who sends you back to your family doctor. After trying “this” and hoping for “that,” and watching this level and correcting that symptom even the most patient and kind woman will lose her nerve. If your mood and metabolism is either being affected by or is the cause of your hormone struggle, we can get to the root of the issue and communicate clearly and efficiently with the other members of your medical team. We eliminate the guesswork and choice between “this and that.”

Getting passed from one doctor to the next can range from irritating to enraging! Perhaps the most common cause of female-factor infertility in developed nations is polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) which has been estimated at up to 10% of the total population. Symptoms include irregular or unpredictable menstrual cycles, unwanted hair growth, acne or scalp hair loss, unexplained weight gain or impaired weight loss. However, not every female hormone problem is PCOS or even has a proper name. And far too often most PCOS support is directed primarily at fertility when that may not be the immediate goal.

Our programs provide support for numerous named and unnamed concerns for women’s hormone challenges. What you need to know is that massive change is totally doable.

Schedule a free consultation if:

  • You are convinced that your headache, skin challenge, or weight problems are due to hormones
  • You are a complicated case because of another condition and your doctor is not taking you seriously
  • You have not had a cycle in quite some time and this is alarming to you
  • You are considering preparing your body for conception
  • Your doctor suggested a hysterectomy but you are not convinced
  • You have had a hysterectomy and need additional support
  • None of these apply to you, but you know you can be healthier

Atypical PCOS

It is now common for the diagnosis of PCOS to be passed over or your case be taken less seriously when your viewable body features and signs do not match what doctors learned about PCOS from their textbooks in school. Sometimes your imaging comes back negative and you do not have cystic ovaries but you have all of the other symptoms of PCOS. In fact, the National Institutes of Health has recommended renaming PCOS to something like metabolic reproductive syndrome for this very reason. Women who are skinny with PCOS seem to have the hardest time getting adequate treatment. We have discovered the 2-3 most often overlooked areas for women just like you and can see positive changes in length of cycle, skin health, and ovulation in just a few short months. Our program is compatible with the common prescriptions such as spironolactone, metformin, anti-depressants, and thyroid hormones.

Fertility and/ or Amenorrhea

Not every case of infertility is treatable by correcting metabolic problems. However, when the underlying conditions of the causes of infertility are corrected, you can improve your odds significantly. You may have been prescribed oral contraceptives to balance your hormones. In order to bridge from the pill to pregnant, a massive change is necessary. But remember, massive change is totally doable. Your partner may also be treated for optimal results and our program is compatible with Clomid and most assisted-reproductive technologies (ART). Women just like you have reported to us that their doctor has told them it is okay not to have your menstrual cycle. We believe a predictable menstrual cycle without the help of medication is a sign of natural balance. That is our goal for you.