Every cell in our body has numerous functions. Each of these cells require a specific milieu to work optimally which requires focus on certain glands. Your thyroid as well as the hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis are important to be evaluated in the context of your current health and future goals.


Weight Loss


We don't count calories. We do pay attention to food sensitivities and intolerances. We do attend to impairments to basal metabolic function. We never ignore remote causes of weight gain or impaired weight loss. Our weight loss programs are individualized and assessment-based rather than prescribing you a weight loss plan and wishing you luck.




Modern living provides excessive stress and our bodies take the brunt of it. Rather than focusing on those areas of our life that bring us down, we focus on the nutritional and dietary interventions that support resiliency against the effects of stress.



After a major diagnosis of cancer or other significant disease, many of us are lost or scared. We do not treat cancer. However, if you have completed a course of treatment and are seeking to thrive in your new life after treatment, we can help.


Personalized diet

Perhaps you do not have any medical concerns but you recognize that a better diet would be best for your busy life. Being nourished will make you more productive, stronger, and more grounded. You are convinced you need to make a change but aren't sure if vegetarian, Paleo, Mediterranean, ketogenic, FODMAP, GAPS, or another therapeutic diet is right for you.



Whether you an athlete, weekend warrior, working on conditioning for the first time, or have yet to embark on a physical activity plan, nutrition and supplementation are a cornerstone to your needs. We are able start from scratch or tweak an existing plan.