You don't have to have diabetes to be concerned about blood sugar. 

You don't have to break the scale to be concerned about your weight. 

Carrying extra weight around your middle is not something to see a nutritionist about just for vain reasons. Extra fat means additional health risks. And persistent weight gain or weight loss resistance is likely not a matter of calories. Rather it is a complex situation of sex hormones, stress hormones, thyroid hormones, blood sugar dysregulation, and inflammation. Blood sugar dysregulation alone can cause very real changes in mood such as extreme irritability, depression and feelings of anxiety. Most people do not connect libido to their blood sugar, but they should. You need to know this

  • Your family history isn’t a life sentence
  • Even if you’ve been diagnosed, diabetes is a reversible disease
  • Medications are rarely the thing that reverses the disease

The pancreas, of course, is the organ focused on when it comes to diabetes. However, it is not the only organ involved in the complex orchestra which includes the thyroid gland, the liver, and the system responsible for both hormone and neurologic balance—the hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis. We take everything you have read, heard, been told, and believe and will make sense of it all, starting on day 1.