I would highly recommend working with Metabolic Treatment Center. The high level of specialized knowledge and service really helped with achieving fast and effective results. Their knowledge of the latest functional medicine is not easy to find.

Trina Koning, Wayzata, Minnesota

I have already recommended Metabolic Treatment Center to other people. I have told them that the providers are very knowledgeable about different digestive and autoimmune conditions

KO, Minneapolis, Minnesota

I was hugely benefited by working with Corey. I got off my lifelong sugar craving, reduced inflammation and improved my diet in ways I never dreamed possible. Thank you! This approach worked well for me because it was fast, focused and collaborative. I would highly recommend others try Corey as their “uber nutritional coach”. Others may need more “hand holding” through the process.

Colleen Gay, Northfield, Minnesota

Dr. Schuler has been the only one to get my life back on track! I was randomly diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis after a routine physical. I have been exercising 4-5 times per week for over a year and my weight stayed steady, even started to creep up! I tracked all of my calories and even did a 3 week purification program that had worked for me in the past. After meeting with Dr. Schuler, I realized the cleanse I had done actually still had me consuming all of the foods that may be hindering my health and weight loss (eggs, gluten, soy, corn, peanuts, dairy). After being referred to an endocrinologist, who laughed at my 6 week elimination diet, I am at my lowest weight in over a year and feeling better than ever! I had no idea the foods I thought were good for me, were hindering my health, contributing to my leaky gut and autoimmune condition. The endocrinologist was only interested in prescribing medications and ordering expensive tests. This new way of eating is simple and I no longer crave sweets or bread. When shopping at the grocery store, I examine every label and realize all of those intolerant foods are in so many products and I was bombarding my system with them on a daily basis! I can’t thank Dr. Schuler enough for helping me on this journey!

Melissa B, Dallas, Texas

Your body: balanced & efficient.

Familiarize yourself with Metabolic Treatment Center. We offer expertise in Metabolism & Weight Loss, Stress-Related Concerns, and RecoveryCare.

8 Simple Steps to a Whole New You

  1. Tell us what you are seeking from metabolic treatment
  2. Schedule an assessment session
  3. Your practitioner will contact you to discuss your case
  4. Confirmation of your appointment and intake information
  5. Review of your case during the assessment session and clarification session
  6. Unravel your long-standing concerns and set new goals over the course of 5-10 months
  7. Look back on how far you've come
  8. Look forward and see what's possible